About Us

A community based organisation

BMWEC is a community organisation based in Mae Sot, a large town in western Thailand and the major land gateway to Burma. Mae Sot and the surrounding area are home to an estimated 200,000 migrants, both registered and unregistered.

Our focus: Educational quality, access, and opportunity

Our focus is to ensure that as many children and young people as possible have access to a quality education which enriches their lives now, and opens opportunities for them either back in Myanmar, in Thailand or further afield. At the moment we oversee education for approximately 4000 children in 25 learning centres. Our migrant children are likely to play a crucial role in building and becoming leaders of civil society and democratic communities in Myanmar.

Core values: Valuing and affirming identity and community

We value and affirm children’s diverse ethnic backgrounds in our schools. The close relationship between our schools and communities mean that we are able to respond sensitively and effectively to the particular needs of migrant students – linguistically, socially and culturally.


As a community-based organisation, our leadership is drawn from the local migrant population. This is one of our key strengths and reflects our belief in the right of people to make their own decisions about the issues that affect their lives.

The role you play

Our community base gives us some degree of independence and autonomy in the complex context of migrant life. But our organisation and our schools do not receive any financial support from either the Thai or Myanmar governments. We do not have an expensive administrative headquarters in a third country: our admin team here is very small; and our overheads are minimal.

This has three important implications:

  • We rely on the help and support of people like you (individuals and organisations).
  • The help and support that you give us goes straight into schools and communities.
  • Your donation not only improves children’s lives now, but helps us build a better future for the whole community.