Day One

Volunteer: Jane Ryan, from USA, June 2012

Hello from “little” Burma in Mae Sot, Thailand. I finally got here and was picked up by one of the BMWEC office staff in a 4-wheel beaten up truck. We checked me into my guesthouse, then hit a coffee house to get acquainted. After a huge downpour, we were off to Good Morning School to pick up the young Burmese manager and his new wife to go off in the country and pick up pig food. It was mentioned that it was, “not too far” and “wouldn’t take too long.”

Quite some rumbling later we arrived. I had thought of a pig feed store on a farm somewhere! After another half hour travelling down (or up) a narrow road we turned into a corn field and 4-wheeled it up and down mud holes and rocks until we got somewhere in the middle of it.

The manager and new wife got out their machetes and started to slash away at tall grass and corn stalks. They then got a big muslin bag from their back pack, stuffed it with their cuttings and loaded it into the back of the truck. He smiled and said they had to fill the whole truck. Twenty large bags later, which took over an hour in the blistering sun, we careened back to the main road and headed back to school to unload the truck. The school will eventually sell some of the pigs and use the rest for food for the school children — rather clever I thought. Then suddenly I panicked … would that be one of my jobs – feeding the pigs?!

The day was far from over. We went to BMWEC’s office to catch up on some administrative work and then back to the guest house, agreeing to meet at 7pm at a local restaurant. Finally, we met for a bite to eat and some time out.

A lot of what I expected and some I certainly did not.


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