Green Water FUN

Sit BabyStudents who attend Green Water Learning Centre had a well deserved visit by BMWEC teachers and volunteers on Wednesday 19th September. A previous visit to Green Water identified that students lacked clean clothes, soap and toys; so volunteers and teachers arranged to bring a few of these items with them on their visit.

Eat Ice
Students were excited when they saw the BMWEC truck coming up the driveway. The school is in such a remote location that visitors are a rarity. School benches were quickly dragged to the undercover shelter near the school building. BMWEC teachers handed out ice cream sandwiches to eager children. None had tried ice cream before, they did not know what it was called and were shocked when they realized it was actually cold.

ShareAfter eating a few servings of strawberry ice cream (students quickly realized they liked the unknown food) the volunteers were able to hand out drinks, lollies, balloons, soap, and colour pencils. Students arranged these gifts into neat little piles; they were saving these special items for home where they could share them with younger siblings. A set of colour pencils was given to the teacher at Green Water so students could make some artworks in class time.

When students were well stocked up with goodies, the teachers taught some songs. These songs were in Thai and English and students really enjoyed copying the teachers’ actions. Green Water is a school which faces many challenges due to its remote location; school needs to be an inviting and exciting place for students to make the effort to attend. The head teacher does a good job supporting the students with little resources. Both the students and visitors had a wonderful day. gfh

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