Organizational Structure

BMWEC is headed by a chair-person and run by a small central team

Executive committee (EC)

Teachers representatives from our schools and chairperson.

This is the decision-making body of BMWEC. It is responsible for the overall direction and operation of the schools. It is elected every 3 years by the teachers. The EC members offer their time with no remuneration.


Admin officer, Office supervisor, 2 Field Officers, 1 logistician.

Implements EC decisions and liaises between the EC, schools, communities and donors.


Finance Director, 2 assistants.

Ensures that the interests of donors as well as general fiscal responsibility are being consistently observed across BMWEC. Has the responsibility of accounting and finance reporting.

This central team is accountable to two primary groups:

  • our community (including children, teachers and families)
  • our donors

Finance Steering Committee

Formed by 2 Donors, 2 Teachers, Finance Director: oversees finance and advise EC regarding financial matters. Ensure accountability to the Donors.