Educate our 3682 Students

We provide education to over 3682 Burmese migrant children living on the Thai-Burma border.

For just $10USD/month, you can invest in a child’s life by giving them an opportunity to attend school on the border.

About 3,000 students live on the Thai side of the border: they are all from Burma/Myanmar. Many live in shanty houses with their parents, who work as daily labourers in factories, building sites, or in the agricultural sectors. A good number live in boarding houses attached to several of the schools. The parents are often still in Burma and have sent their children to Thailand to receive an education at lower cost than in Burma and to be spared the hard life back home.

About 4,000 students live on the other side of the border. They live in Karen territory and attend village primary schools. They mostly live with their parents.

Without your support these children would not have the chance to get an education