Empower our 176 Teachers

We have amazing teachers who have given their lives to providing these children with a future.

If we are to attract and retain good teachers we need to be able to offer teachers a secure salary. Often our teachers are underpaid. For this reason many schools suffer a high turn-over of teachers, with children education suffering. Teachers opt to go and work in a factory or as housekeepers, to secure a wage that can allow them to look after their family. This is very sad, even if understandable.

At the moment in Thailand the minimum wage for an unskilled labourer is 300 baht/day (10USD/day), or 6,000 baht/month (200 USD/month).

We would like our teachers to be paid this minimum salary, even if wages for IDP and Night schools are kept lower.

In our “basic” budget, however, we have set a monthly salary of 4,500 baht (150USD).
In our “more inclusive” budget, we have set a monthly salary of 6,000 baht (200 USD).