Hsa Too Lei (Primary)

Hsa Thoo Lei school was founded by Naw Paw Ray in 1999 with 25 children. It has now developed in one of the biggest learning centres in Mae Sot area, with about 900 enrolled children in 2014-15 academic year between nursery, primary and high grades. It used to be a Karen school, however with the years it has become a school giving comprehensive quality education in Burmese language, where Karen and Thai languages are also taught. Many parents in Mae Sot area and in the refugee camps wish their children to go to this school.

Some grades have more than one class, because of the high number of students. Students learn 4 languages; Burmese, Karen, Thai and English, as well as Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Geography.

Hsa Thoo Lei is lucky to have a computer lab and library.

There is a strong school community, with some parents living and working around the school grounds. The parents are generally active members within the school and have helped the school to remain open with their donations in times when no funding was available. Teachers are proud to teach in this school and because of their strong sense of belonging, they have decided to continue teaching in this school even though the salary is oftentimes very low. In terms of transportation, three school vans collect students who live further parts of the town.

Hsa Thoo Lei often holds sports days because of the importance it has on a child’s development and motivation.***The learning environment at Hsa Thoo Lei is positive, and students are committed to make the best of this opportunity.

25 students live in the boarding house near the school.

  • Date Established: 1999
  • Enrolment 2015-2016: 255
  • Grade Levels: Grade-1 to Grade-7
  • Head Teacher: Naw Hsa Eh
  • Students (Male): 132
  • Students (Female): 123
  • Total number of teacher: 14