Hsa Too Lei (High)

This is the only high school run by BMWEC and therefore is extremely important to all feeder schools in the area. There are only 3 migrant high schools in the Mae Sot area, including Hsa Thoo Lei, making it a valued and significant learning centre. In grades 7-10, students are taught Burmese, Karen, English, Thai, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. Once students progress onto the post-10 program all subjects are taught in English and students study, Mathematics, Social Studies, English and Science which is divided into Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

As Hsa Thoo Lei has a wide range of feeder schools, the school community is quite diverse and students can come from great distances. This means that Hsa Thoo Lei high school has students from an array of cultural backgrounds and situations, making it a culturally tolerant place. A number of high school students board at Hsa Thoo Lei, being the only way they can attend high school.

Recently, students from BMWEC have been officially allowed to take the Burmese Matriculation Exam (grade 10). This is an important step toward a brighter future, because it will provide students with a greater range of options once they finish school.. Students from other migrant high schools can attend this matriculation class (after they passed the screening exam). A special classroom has been established for these students; preparation is the only key to success since the test is challenging.

  • Date Established: 1999
  • Enrolment 2015-2016: 281
  • Grade Levels: Grade-8 to Grade-12
  • Head Teacher: Naw Hsa Eh
  • Students (Male): 111
  • Students (Female): 170
  • Total number of teacher: 18