Hta Lor (Ta Lar Aww K’Lar)

Hta Lor (Talar Aor Klar) School is a primary and middle school which is located just inside Burma, on the other side of the Moei river, about 35 km north of Mae Sot. 

Not far from Maw Taw Lu and Nya Ly Ar Tha learning centres. This school was in an area where only Karen families used to live before. However, 2 years ago, with the arrival of roads, more Thai people settled in this territory and claimed it for themselves. It became more and more difficult to maintain this school in Karen language, a desire expressed by the parents, because Thai teachers would not allow classes to be held in their mother tongue. Consequently, as the situation in Burma became more peaceful, the solution for this Karen school was to relocate this school back in Burma, in a new village formed by Karen families displaced by war.

The school has a boarding house for children wishing to attend grades 5-7 and coming from other villages.

  • Date Established: 2005
  • Enrolment 2015-2016: 201
  • Grade Levels: Nursery to Grade-7
  • Head Teacher: Saw Dee Ku
  • Students (Male): 103
  • Students (Female): 98
  • Total number of teacher: 12