Naung Bo Dang Learning Centre

Naung Boe Deng was established in 2005 by Som Rad and it is a new member of BMWEC. It is located near the Moei River, approximately 15 km north of Mae Sot, near the border.

All children and teachers are of Karen ethnicity. The headmistress Naw Day Ree Paw has been head of the school for many years now and is a well known figure in the community for her dedication and care. She also oversees the boarding house and makes sure that children who live far from their parents are well looked after.

Children welcome visitors with large smiles and beautiful songs.

This school, as Thoo Mwe Htee Ger Ni and Nya Li Ar Hta schools, follows the Karen curriculum and classes are held in Karen language. Burmese, Thai and English are learnt as foreign languages.

A simple boarding house in bamboo and leaves is connected to the school and cares for students whose parents are inside Burma, or who work in other areas in Thailand and live far away from a school.

  • Date Established: 2005
  • Enrolment 2015-2016: 105
  • Grade Levels: Nursery to Grade-6
  • Head Teacher: Naw Day Ree Paw
  • Students (Male): 53
  • Students (Female): 52
  • Total number of teacher: 7