Parahita Learning Centre

Parahita Learning Centre was established in 2006 and joined BMWEC in 2008. It is situated in the compound of a Buddhist monastery in the Phopra sub-district, about 25 km south of Mae Sot. This emplacement offers protection to children and teachers. Most students are from families working and living in farmhouses in the area. The students learn Burmese, History, English, Thai, Mathematics, and Science. This school covers Kindergarten to Grade .

The Phopra sub-district mainly produces crops, and the students’ parents earn very low wages as plantations workers in nearby fields. Students are of either Burmese or Karen ethnicity. Although Parahita is run by monks, not all of the students are Buddhist; some are Christian, while others are animists.

When students graduate they are encouraged to attend the nearby middle school and high school. Grade teachers specifically prepare their students to continue in higher education. The students learn in a very scenic space amongst rolling hills overlooking Phopra, and the classrooms are adorned with beautiful statues of the Buddha, making it a peaceful and spiritual area to learn.


  • Date Established: 2006
  • Enrolment 2015-2016: 140
  • Grade Levels: KG to Grade-5
  • Head Teacher: Sayar Taw U Kaw Tha La
  • Students (Male): 82
  • Students (Female): 58
  • Total number of teacher : 7