Thoo Mwe Htee Ger Nee

Thoo Mwe Htee Ger Nee was established in 2008. Located in Pho Phra along the Thai-Burma border, about 50 km south of Mae Sot, in a remote village situated on the border river called Mo Ro Chai. This village is inhabited all by Karen people, who migrated from Burma at various stages in last and this century.

This school was created following an important Burmese military attack in Karen villages, in 2007, where many families had to move in Thailand. The school opened in a Batist church compound, in order to allow newly arrived students of parents without documents. Then, it was premanently replaced by a bamboo building, donated by a Korean Christian group.

The school follows the Karen curriculum, teaching Burmese, Thai and English languages as well. All the teachers and most of the children live in the village, where the parents work as daily labourers in the fields.

There is a small boarding house for children whose families are still in Burma.


  • Date Established: 2008
  • Enrolment 2015-2016: 130
  • Grade Levels: Nursery to Grade-4
  • Head Teacher: Naw Junie
  • Students (Male): 74
  • Students (Female): 56
  • Total number of teacher : 8