Hsa Tu Gaw Learning Centre

  • Date Established: 6th June 1999
  • Enrolment 2021-2022: 224
  • Grade Levels: Nursery,KG1,2,G1,2,3,4,5,6,7
  • Head Teacher: Naw Hei Htoo
  • Students (Male): 96
  • Students (Female): 128
  • Total number of teachers:12 (including 1 Thai teacher)


The Hsa Tu Gaw (formerly Elpis) School was established in 1999 close to the cemetery in Mae Pa. The founders were the principal, U Soe Min and the vice-head mistress, Naw Hei Htoo. At the beginning a total five teachers taught sixty students these levels: Kindergarten (A),KG(B), Grade One and Grade Two. At that time, the school was named ‘’Thar YarKon School’’ which means Good Scenery Hill. After the first three months, the school had no donations from anywhere so the teachers had to volunteer and organize the school as well. The head master and vice-teacher tried hard to reduce the hardships during the first school years as they faced many difficulties.

With the help of BMWEC’s formal chairperson, Daw Lay Lay Phyu (Mrs. Lily Rama), finally, in September 1999 Hsa Tu Gaw joined and got support from BMWEC until the end of that school year. In 2000, it moved to Mae Ku, Mae Sot area for the 2000-2001 school year.  With only one donor, funding remained a struggle. In 2001, the school had to relocate again.  Due to frequent relocations and lack of transportation, some students were unable to continue their study. To solve this problem, the headmaster and vice-head teacher decided to buy a tri-cycle to transport students who lived far away. Students who lived near the school walked, and students who lived a little far came to school by cycling.

When headmaster, U Soe Min resigned from his duties, Mrs. Naw Hei Htoo was chosen to take the head teacher position. During 2002-2003, funding came from Saya Moses, but at the beginning of 2003-2004 school year, Saya Moses resettled to a 3rd  country so that funding ended, and the school again faced many difficulties paying running costs. The head teachers reported the situation to the priest of Four Square Church, Pastor John SomponSriwichai. He helped with the school transportation by transporting students who lived far from school by his motorbike. Mr. John also helped the school connect with teachers from the Philippines. The Philippine teachers, Ms. Maria and Ms.Roselyn and their Bible College students came to visit the school in late 2003. They taught students English, Thai, Bible and did activities with them. Collaboration with the Mae Sot Four Square Church has continued ever since that day.  In that school year, the school was renamed from ThayarKon(Good Scenery Hill) to Elpis Center. Elpis means hope.

In 2005, after having to relocate two more times, Elpis became a member school of the BMWEC and organizers received help to run the school properly. From 2004 to 2013 it was able to provide teaching and learning without having to worry.  Then in 2013-2014 a team of missionaries from Korea came and built a new building for it. The team from the KWANG MYUNG CHURCH donated the money for the construction. After completion, the school moved to the new building located at 32 Moo 1, Mae Pa Sub district, Mae Sot District, Tak Province .  It now has a modern building, and owns land and a school bus, under Pastor John SomponSriwichai ( Mae Sot Four Square Church).

In 2017- 2018, organizers changed the name of the Learning Center from Elpis to Hsa Tu Gaw Learning Center. Hsa Tu Gaw is now under the BMWEC, cooperates with primary Education Service Area 2(MECC) and is supervised by Mae Sot Four Square Church.