Songkran: Water festival

Over the long school break during the hot season in Thailand there is one very important festival: Songkran (Water Festival). In Mae Sot it is impossible to stay dry at this time because everywhere that you go, people throw buckets of water at you! But Songkran also has a more serious side. According to Burmese culture, Water Festival is a time for us give respect and worship to older people and ask forgiveness for the mistakes that we have made towards them – and this who might include our parents, grandparents and teachers. At the same time, we offer some small presents.

This festival was an opportunity for BMWEC to show their respect for those BMWEC teachers over the age of 65, at a ceremony at Hsa Thoo Lei School.

The six teachers that were honored were: U Chain One with 42 years teaching experience from Has Thoo Lei; U Khaing San Tun Aung with 30 years teaching experience from 48 Km; U Han Sein Lwin, EC member and from BHSOH; U Thain Tun from Phyoe Khin; and, U Tin Shwe from Champion. We are lucky to have these esteemed teachers with us and we appreciate their long dedication to teaching and children.

The occasion was supported by Help (Health and Literacy Programme) donor, Dr Alex, who gave a gift of money to each teacher. STTC took responsibility for providing some delicious desserts and Hsa Thoo Lei provided juice.

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