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we are currently providing education for over 3682 students.

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Children’s education should DEVELOP each child’s personality, talents and abilities to the fullest.

It should ENCOURAGE children to respect others, human rights and their own and other cultures.

It should also help them learn to LIVE peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.
- from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 29

Providing and supporting education efforts to Burmese children
on both sides of the Thai-Burma border.

Here are our latest numbers:






Learning Centres

Educate our 3682 Students

We provide education to over 3682 Burmese migrant children living on ...

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Empower our 176 Teachers

We have amazing teachers who have given their lives to providing these...

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Support our 24 Learning Centres

We oversea 24 migrant learning centres in the Mae Sot area providing ...

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