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The role you can play

Although, our community base gives us a degree of independence and autonomy in the complex context of migrant life, our organization and our schools do not receive any financial support from either Thai or Myanmar governments. Thus BMWEC relies entirely on donations and local community support. Our administration team in Mae Sot is very small, and our operating expenses are minimal.  We are currently desperately short of funds so we need your help! Every donation helps make a difference; it helps keep the door open to education and offers migrant children the possibility of a brighter future.

You can tell us exactly how you would like us to use your donation. For example, you may want to ‘adopt’ a particular school, support a lunch program in a particular school, or put your donation into a ‘general purposes’ fund so that we can use the money for necessities for children in schools that do not have a specific donor. Alternatively, you may wish to help support our small but hard-working admin and finance team who work in Mae Sot.

Of paramount importance:
  • We rely on the help and support of people like you (individuals and organisations).
  • The help and support that you give us goes straight into schools and communities.
  • Your donation, whether big or small, not only improves children’s lives now, but helps us build a better future for the whole community.
  • Your donation, whether big or small, improves children’s lives now and helps them achieve their dreams in the future. It also helps us to build a better future for the whole community and to support our country’s development so that it can, one day, join the international community.