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Our Learning Centres

Currently, there are 31 members of Migrant Learning Centers (MLCs) and boarding houses. There are 28 MLCs and 2 boarding houses in the Tak region, overseen by BMWEC.  Among them is a member named B.B.T Education at Bangkok. In 2023-2024, BMWEC learning centres served more than 5000 students, with 314 teachers. During these years, the number of students increased due to the political and economic situation in Myanmar. At the same time, some of the learning centers need support to maintain infrastructure and provide for unemployed teaching staff. BMWEC has worked tirelessly to sustain its learning centers and teachers and remains committed to ensuring that the post-pandemic and crisis era will see a resumption of all educational activities – providing opportunities and hope for a brighter future to all migrant children.


In the 2024-2025 academic year, our Members of MLCs and boarding houses are as follows:

  1. Hsa Thoo Lei MLC*
  2. Kwe Ka Baung MLC*
  3. Hle Bee MLC*
  4. Hsa Tu Gaw MLC*
  5. Nya Li Ah Hta MLC*
  6. Hta Lor MLC
  7. Future Garden MLC*
  8. Islam Bumrong MLC*
  9. Bwe K’Lar MLC*
  10. Noh Bo Academy MLC*
  11. Maw Kwee MLC
  12. Prahita MLC*
  13. Champion MLC*
  14. Sunset MLC*
  15. Help (K’ Paw Htaw Boarding House)
  16. The Light Asean Myanmar Boarding House
  17. Prahita Htoo MLC*
  18. Jesus’s Love MLC*
  19. Emmanuel MLC*
  20. Star Flower MLC*
  21. Divine Love MLC*
  22. Muditar MLC*
  23. Morning Glory-2 MLC*
  24. Thoo Mwe Htee Ger Ni MLC*
  25. Hsa Mu Htaw MLC*
  26. Sukho Thai MLC*
  27. New Road MLC*
  28. Grace MLC
  29. Heaven Gate MLC
  30. Maw Goon Thit MLC
  31. B.B.T Education

“*”  Note that there are 23 MLCs included in the list of the Migrant Educational Coordination Center (MECC), while the others are just BMWEC members.