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Our Learning Centres
Currently, BMWEC oversees 25 learning centres in the Tak region. All have suffered considerably due to the Covid pandemic. In 2021-2022, BMWEC learning centres served more than 3400 students and employed 272 teachers, fewer than in previous years. Thus the numbers of enrolled students indicated in the school descriptions here show a decline from pre-pandemic years and reveal the devastating impact of Covid on access to education for migrant children. While some learning centres have managed to carry on using home-based learning activities, others, lacking the capacity to carry out such activities, have simply had to wait for government approval to reopen so that they can re-engage with students. At the same time, all of the learning centres need support to maintain infrastructure and provide for unemployed teaching staff. Most important, the migrant education community worries that children who have lost two years of schooling may be reluctant to return to school and that without the security and stability that learning centres provide, they remain vulnerable to all the dangers associated with child labour and trafficking. BMWEC has worked tirelessly to sustain its learning centres and teachers and remains committed to ensuring that the post-pandemic era will see a full resumption of all educational activities – providing opportunities and hope for a brighter future to all migrant children.