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Volunteering with BMWEC

BMWEC welcomes volunteers. We always appreciate people with administrative, IT, accounting or finance skills. Teachers are always appreciated, especially if you have qualifications and/or experience either teaching children, ESL or expertise in a particular subject area. We have, for example, had some great input from people with a range of trades skills who have been willing to share their knowledge with students at STTC (see ‘learning centres’). Enthusiasm, a willingness to work hard, and possibly a preparedness to step outside your comfort zone are the only mandatory pre-requisites!

We usually ask for 3-month commitment from our volunteers, but we are flexible depending on the skills that you have, or if your participation is likely to extend beyond a single visit. For example, we have some volunteers who just keep coming back – and over time have built up really firm and long-lasting relationships with individuals and communities.

do you want to volunteer ?
Fill out the Volunteer Application Form in this section and email it to ,or contact us with any questions or for further information
(Note: The school year begins in June and goes through until March or April. There is usually a two-week break in the second half of October/early November and at Christmas/New Year with longer ‘hot season’ break in April and May.)