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“To release and realize the lifetime educational and career potential of each child we support”
The BMWEC aspires to be a legitimate community-based organisation. Our strengths are our legitimacy, our contribution to the improvement of education, our ability to communicate and collaborate with other organisations and the development of a mutual understanding between all interested and affected parties. Our education vision for Migrant Education is that it will become a recognized, legalized and quality educational system able to welcome and provide education to all migrant children living in our target area of intervention.


BMWEC’s mission is to promote coordinated work among member schools, parent teacher associations and all stakeholders to build a quality migrant education system that will provide a safe learning environment and be recognized by local and international organisations.
Core values
Diversity, Collaboration, Inclusion
Recognition, Transparency, Quality
Accountability, Education, Future Opportunity, Friendship


To provide educational quality, access, and opportunity to Myanmar migrants
Our focus is to ensure that as many migrant children and young people as possible have access to quality, accredited education which enriches their lives now and opens opportunities for them either back in Myanmar, in Thailand or further afield. Currently, we oversee education for approximately 5000 children in 31 learning centres. Our migrant children are likely to play a crucial role in building and becoming leaders of civil society and democratic communities in Myanmar.

Strategic Goals and Activities

Goal 1: To take part in the educational development by improving the standards, levels and conditions in the schools

Key Activities:
  • Undertake teacher trainings (teaching methods & management), and trainings for parents
  • Insure safe environment
  • Engage in curriculum development, provide teaching aids &stationary
  • Develop library system
  • Insure safe environment

Goal 2: To reinforce the legitimacy of the BMWEC and migrant education in order to be recognized by state governments

Key Activities:
  • Cooperate with Myanmar & Thai MoEs, Myanmar & Thai authorities, international organisations and other education organisations through meetings, and advocacy
  • Participate in Myanmar government board examinations; organize GED program to continue higher education
  • Promote access to Myanmar and Thai Technical Colleges

Goal 3: To support sustainable programs for member learning centers

Key Activities:
  • Secure school running costs, income generation
  • Develop relationships with local communities


As a community-based organisation, our leadership is drawn from the local migrant population. This is one of our key strengths and reflects our belief in the right of people to make their own decisions about the issues that affect their lives.

The role you play

Our community base gives us some degree of independence and autonomy in the complex context of migrant life. But our organisation and our schools do not receive any financial support from either the Thai or Myanmar governments. We do not have an expensive administrative headquarters in a third country: our admin team here is very small; and our overheads are minimal.

This has three important implications:

  • We rely on the help and support of people like you (individuals and organisations).
  • The help and support that you give us goes straight into schools and communities.