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Morning Glory Htoo Learning Centre

Morning Glory Htoo Learning Centre

  • Date Established:  2018
  • Enrolment 2021-2022: 60
  • Grade Levels: Nursery,KG1,G1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
  • Head Teacher: Wut Yi Htoo
  • Students (Male): 55
  • Students (Female): 65
  • Total number of teachers: 7

Morning Glory-2 Learning Centre was established in 2018 near the infamous rubbish dump in Mae Pa, Mae Sot District, Tak region because the community living there desperately needed it. The rubbish dump area has a number of schools, but almost all of them are primary schools only.  Morning Glory-2, as the sole middle school, was meant to give the children who want to pursue secondary education the opportunity so that they would not become child wage workers and victims of exploitation after finishing only primary education.

Originally it was just a handful of 7 dedicated teachers and 200 or so students with their devoted parents coming together for the common cause. The teachers managed to rent a plot of land and built a school with the help of the parents. However, its size could not accommodate 200 students, and the teachers had to work hard to ensure its existence.

The school later received assistance from BMWEC through which the teachers found a benefactor who had connections with Christian missionaries abroad. This was when Morning Glory-2 finally got its own name and became an official migrant learning centre.

All things went well for the teachers and the students during the two school years from 2018 to 2020. However, after these two years, the benefactor decided to shift their focus from providing education for migrant students with no official documents to establishing a non-formal vocational education training center instead. Thus, at the end of March 2021, the school leaders began looking for a new donor and a new location so that teachers and students can continue their education activities.

Morning Glory-2 MLC currently has 7 teachers (the same 7 teachers) and only 167 students in total because of the pandemic. It offers classes from kindergarten to 8th Grade (currently there’s no 5th Grade, and 7th Grade uses both new and old curricula). The parents of these students trust the school and are eager for it to continue and to help make that happen. The teachers of Morning Glory-2 are hoping that someone will step forward to help them.  Anyone who would like to contribute to this effort should contact: +66811823813 phone number. The school is located in No. 45/30. Ban Song Kwe. Mae Pa. Moo 10. Tak 63110.Thailand.