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Sukko Thai Learning Center

Sukko Thai Learning Center

  • Date Established: February 4th 2012
  • Enrolment 2021-2022: 171
  • Grade Levels: KG-2,G-1,2,3,4,6,7,8
  • Head Teacher: Min Min Thein
  • Students (Male): 96
  • Students (Female): 75
  • Total number of teachers: 8

Sukho Thai Learning Center is located in a mountain range 35 kilometers from Mae Sot city in the Phop Phra District. The region is full of Thai plantations, rose fields and seasonal crop fields, with thousands of migrant workers from Myanmar living and working there. The school was initiated under the leadership of the teacher Min Min Thein with 60 students and 2 teachers in February 2012.  One reason it was established was to prevent the growing number of child workers in the region due to the lack of access to proper educational institutions for migrant children. The school began as an act of kindness and consideration with the goal of teaching these migrant workers’ children their mother language of Burmese along with basic English and Mathematics.

Initially, Sukho Thai faced some hurdles with local authorities. It was very isolated due to its remoteness and had very little infrastructure.  The school was basically a bamboo shack back then. However, over time, due to the developments in the surrounding region, it became less isolated, and the school complex was improved considerably.  Recently, it has been forced to relocate and school organizers, under the leadership of Min Min Thein, are working hard, in spite of very limited funds, to get a new building completed before the next school year begins.

Despite facing many ups and downs due to being reliant on donations from benefactors, the teachers of Sukho Thai are resolute in their mission and are prepared to sacrifice what is needed to in order to ensure the continuation of providing education to the children in the region.