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Future Garden Learning Centre

Future Garden Learning Centre

  • Date Established: 2004
  • Enrolment 2021-2022: 77
  • Grade Levels: KG-1,G-1,2,3,4,8
  • Head Teacher: Daw Nwe Ni Win
  • Students (Male): 37
  • Students (Female): 40
  • Total number of teachers: 7 (including 1 Thai teacher)

Future Garden (33 Km) Learning Centre is a Burmese migrant school located near the centre of Sa-O, in Pho Phra district, 33 km south of Mae Sot. It was established in 2004.  In 2005 it became a member of BMWEC. Most of the students are Burmese, but some are Rakhine and Karen.

Future Garden is not a boarding school since all students live with their parents. Most parents work on nearby farms, and families generally live in small, quickly built shacks. The children come from different areas within Burma and have different religious beliefs.

This school is situated near villages, plantation fields and the blue mountain range near the Thai-Burmese border.  Future Garden (33km) Learning Centre has been surviving and growing on fluctuating donations from foreign countries and community support. The school director is a smart and clever woman, who manages Future Garden with financial resources provided by her family living abroad, as well as by BMWEC.

The school is well-organised and its compound is very clean. The wellbeing of their students is of utmost importance to the teachers. Children are happy and eager to be in school and learn.